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castor seed - the mustard seed

Castor Seed - The Mustard Seed

Castor oil (Ricinus communis) comes from the castor seed. The oil, itself, can be used as a moisturizer and may have some benefit on female fertility. It is also popularly used as a carrier oil for essential oils, as pure oils often need diluting before topical application.

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kalonji and fenugreek seeds for hair growth - glowpink

Kalonji and fenugreek seeds for hair growth - Glowpink

Take 2 spoon of kalonji seeds, grind it. After this you will need 2 spoon of fenugreek seeds and grind it. In a pan take 100ml of coconut oil. In this add 50 ml of castor oil. Put it on heat. When it is luke warm, add kalonji seeds and fenugreek seeds. Cook it on medium flame for 2-3 minutes. Turn off the heat.

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difference between mustard oil and castor oil | mustard

Difference between Mustard Oil and Castor Oil | Mustard

Difference between Mustard Oil and Castor Oil. Castor oil is obtained from pressing the castor seeds, is a triglyceride which consist almost 90% of fatty acids chains and ricinoleate, along with the other Oleate and linoleates components. It is a vegetable oil, which natively belongs to Africa and India.

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how to use black seed oil (kalonji) for hair growth and

How To Use Black Seed Oil (Kalonji) For Hair Growth And

Black Seed Oil With A Carrier Oil For Hair Black seed oil can be used in combination with other carrier oils to boost its efficiency. Below are three kalonji oil treatments with olive, coconut, and castor oil that help promote hair growth.

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castor seed - castor seed oil – altrafine gums

Castor Seed - Castor Seed Oil – Altrafine Gums

Castor is an oil plant botanically called as Ricinus Communis. It belongs to the flowering series of plant from the Spurge family called Euphorbiaceae. It is from monotypic genus called Ricinus and belongs to the sub tribe Ricininae. The oil obtained from Castor seeds had been widely used for medicinal reasons and it is found to be a laxative.

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castor seeds uses, castor plant, castor bean seeds

Castor Seeds Uses, Castor Plant, Castor Bean Seeds

The castor plant is the source of the castor seeds. The plant is grown, mainly, for its seeds which is used to make castor oil. This oil is used in lubricants, soaps, inks, varnishers, linoleum and a host of other areas. It is a commercially important crop and is grown largely in Western India, Brazil and China.

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castor seeds suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and

Castor Seeds Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and

Castor seeds or Ricinuscommunis is known across the world for its non-edible oilseed. Castor plant originated in the tropical belt of Africa and India. India being the biggest exporter of castor seeds for commercial purposes contributes to approximately 70% of total castor seeds exported across the world.

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castor oil

Castor oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil pressed from castor beans. The name probably comes from its use as a replacement for castoreum. Castor oil is a colourless to very pale yellow liquid with a distinct taste and odor. Its boiling point is 313 °C (595 °F) and its density is 961 kg/m 3.

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black seed vs. black cumin which is which? - shea terra

Black Seed vs. Black Cumin Which is Which? - Shea Terra

On the front are common cumin seeds. On the top left are black cumin seeds (NOT the seeds that produce black seed oil). On the top right are actual black seed, nigella sativa, which produce black seed oil. Black seed is erroneously being called black cumin. Black seed is not a cumin at all. Black seed oil, nigella sativa, comes from the beautiful Love-in Mist flower.

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pure mustard seed oil - pure indian foods

Pure Mustard Seed Oil - Pure Indian Foods

Pure Mustard Seed Oil. Our certified organic mustard seed oil is extracted without heat or harsh chemicals. No Hexane or any other solvents are used in the extraction process. It is Certified Organic, Cold Pressed, and Virgin. It is packed in dark glass bottles to preserve its freshness. For External Use Only. Product of India. Buy on Amazon

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